AcuGIS Enterprise Suite FAQ


Which operating systems are supported?

CentOS 7.x
Debian 8.x
Debian 9.x
Ubuntu 14.0.4
Ubuntu 16.0.4
Fedora 24
Fedora 25

Other variants should work, although adjustment may be required.


Which version of AcuGIS Enterprise Suite should I chose?

AcuGIS Enterprise Suite provides wide array of software configurations.

From 'basic' PostgreSQL and PostGIS deployments to GeoServer, GeoNetwork, GeoNode and custom options.

AcuGIS Enterprise Suite is designed to be module and un-obstrusive.

If you decide to change your configuration, you can do so at any time.



Do I need to install Webmin?

No. AcuGIS Enterprise Suite provides highly advanced functionality for Webmin, but it is not required


What happens if I delete AcuGIS Enterprise Suite from Webmin?

Nothing. All components installed by GeoHelm will continue operating normally.


What language is AcuGIS Enterprise Suite written in?

AcuGIS Enterprise Suite is written in Perl, AngularJS, and Laravel.


What is the license for AcuGIS Enterprise Suite?

AcuGIS Enterprise Suite is commerically licensed by Cited, Inc.


Is on-site installation available?

Yes. AcuGIS Enterprise Suite can be installed on your own infrastructure.

Contact our sales team for details and pricing.



Why don't you use Docker, etc...?

Our experience in System Administration has taught us that the less virtualization, the better.

If you don't need it, don't use it.


Is my data protected?

Always. Every AcuGIS Enterprise Suite package includes mirroring to failover HVs as well as incremental backups.

You can restore anything from a single file to an entire server at any time.

Automated Cross-Data-Center Failover is also offered as an option.


Can I scale any resource ?

Yes, you can scale any resource (e.g. SSD, RAM, CPU, etc...) without having to upgrade your entire package.


What is the SLA ?

SLA is provided in writing at time of purchase.



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