GeoServer Directory Structure

Layout for GeoServer

Below show the directory structure for GeoServer.

The GeoServer deployed with AcuGIS Satellite is not forked or modified.

GeoServer is well documented and can vary with updates. Please visit GeoServer Docs for comprehensive documentation.

  • data /
    • coverages/
    • data/
    • demo/
    • gwc/
    • gwc-layers/
    • layergroups/
    • logs/
    • palettes/
    • plugIns/
    • security/
    • styles/
    • user_projections/
    • validation/
    • workspaces/
    • www/
  • WEB-INF/
    • web.xml
    • server.xml
File/Folder Purpose
bin/ Executable files such as
conf/ Tomcat configuration files
lib/ Libraries for Tomcat
logs/ Tomcat log files
temp/ Temporary directory for Tomcat
webapps/ Application files
work/ Tomcat work directory


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