GeoServer GDAL Extension Installer

GeoServer GDAL Extension Installer

In our ongoing commitment to “making GIS simple”, we have now added a GeoServer GDAL Extension installer to your control panel.

Simply click on the GDAL icon and then click “install”.

We have pushed the new GDAL installer to our newest nodes and will have available on all nodes over the coming 24 hours.

The installer is included free with all GeoServer and GeoServer related hosting (i.e. Neatline hosting,Cartaro hosting, etc…)

If you have any questions or issues, please raise a support ticket and we are here to assist.

Ekthema – Omeka Cloud Hosting

Ekthema – Omeka Cloud Hosting

Today we are launching is dedicated to Omeka hosting and to providing a wide array of options at the lowest possible cost.

As part of our launch, we are offering the entry level package at just $12 per year!

Please come and visit us at

Carta 1.2.2

Carta 1.2.2

Our Carta Leaflet map plugin for Omeka has been released.

You can get it on GitHub or download from our portal.

New features include:

  • Import fields from your Items, Exhbibits, and Collections
  • Fancy modal option for infoBoxes
  • Basic Image Overlay
  • Admin and User Opacity controls for Overlays
  • Marker Clustering
  • MiniMap
  • Auto Focus (zoom and map position – WYSIWYG)
  • Side Bar option (show/hide sidebar)

You can find the documentation, still in progress, at

If you encounter any issues, please submit via GitHub.

Any questions or comments, please let us know at

New Omeka Plugin Installer

Escher: Omeka Plugin for Plugins

We are pleased to announce our new Omeka Plugin, “Escher”.

“Escher” is a convenience plugin that allows you to download and install plugins from the Omeka plugin directory from within your admin panel (no more FTP or WGET needed).

Each time you click the “Escher” menu link it checks the current plugins from the Omeka plugin directory so you will always get the latest available plugin.

The plugin can be downloaded via our Download Portal or via GitHub.

We hope the plugin is useful to the Omeka community and welcome any feedback at