MapFig Leaflet Plugin 2.0.1

MapFig Leaflet Plugin for Omeka version 2.0.1

We are pleased to announce that MapFig Leaflet Plugin version 2.0.1 for Omeka is now available.

There are no new features in 2.0.1, but we have made changes based on¬†Patrick¬†Murray-John’s feedback from the Omeka-dev group.

These changes enhance security, efficiency, and better align with Omeka coding to provide a better base to allow for subsequent feature additions and allowing others to contribute.

Changelog, version 2.0.1

Created a separate controller for each module

Removed addAction/editAction/saveAction/deleteAction functions from IndexController

Used the Abstract addAction/editAction/deleteAction functions for the controllers to enable the built-in csrf feature

Created the separate add/edit views for all the controllers

Removed all extraneous files

Changed default starter group “My First Group” to include only SSL map tiles to avoid conflicts.

Added our MapFig Greenwaters and Whitewaters map tiles to base installation.

Updated attributions for MapQuest and Thunderforest.

Download MapFig Leaflet Plugin for Omeka v2.0.1

To separate the plugin from our brand, the plugin is available our Open Source MapFig project site at

You can also download (or fork) at

Happy Mapping!


New Leaflet Plugin for Omeka

Leaflet Plugin for Omeka

We are pleased to announced that our new Leaflet Plugin for Omeka is now ready and available for download.

The plugin allows you to easily add stylish, custom Leaflet maps to your Items, Pages, Exhibits, and Collections in Omeka.

The plugin is free to download and use in any Omeka installation hosted anywhere.


Free Omeka Leaflet Plugin

Download Omeka Leaflet Plugin Now

Once you have downloaded the plugin, please see our video tutorials here:


We would like to learn of any theme conflicts, issues, or suggestions you may have regarding the plugin.¬† Please email us at plugins (at) acugis (dot) com and with the subject line “OLPF Feedback”.¬† For technical issues, please be sure to include your Omeka version, theme, and all other installed plugins.


Commercial support for advanced GIS features with PostGIS and Oracle are available via our Omeka Leaflet Studio subscriptions.  Omeka Leaflet Studio can also be obtained at no cost by academic institutions.


A GPL release will be available in the coming weeks and posted to GitHub.  We hope to make the plugin available via the Omeka Plugin directory as well.


Omeka© is a project of the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, George Mason University   and is not affiliated in any way with AcuGIS Ltd, Enciva LLC, or MapFig Ltd.


We have added a new tool, CSV2PGSQL to the GIS Tools section of our control panel.

The UI uses GDAL to upload your CSV directly into your PostGIS database(s).

The CSV2PGSQL tool will be rolled out to all servers over the weekend.

Current options are:

PG_USE_COPY: Check to set to “YES” for using COPY for inserting data to PostGIS DB.

GEOM_TYPE:¬†The GEOM_TYPE layer creation option can be set to one of “geometry”, “geography”

We will be adding additional options based on feedback.