We have added a new tool, CSV2PGSQL to the GIS Tools section of our control panel.

The UI uses GDAL to upload your CSV directly into your PostGIS database(s).

The CSV2PGSQL tool will be rolled out to all servers over the weekend.

Current options are:

PG_USE_COPY: Check to set to “YES” for using COPY for inserting data to PostGIS DB.

GEOM_TYPE: The GEOM_TYPE layer creation option can be set to one of “geometry”, “geography”

We will be adding additional options based on feedback.

OGR_FDW Installer

We have added an installer for the new OGR_FDW data wrapper to the control panel.

PostGIS is required to be installed on the database. The “Install OGR FDW” link will only appear if PostGIS is installed (as shown below).

So be sure to first install PostGIS:

The ogr_fdw_info tool is available via the downloads section in our support panel.

Learn more about this great new FDW and usage here: 

PgRouting 2.0 Now Available

PgRouting 2.0 Now Available

PgRouting 2.0 is now available on all hosting plans!

Install PgRouting in one-click via your control panel with with our exclusive installer.

PgRouting 1.0 will still be available via your control panel as well.

Clone PostgreSQL Database

You can now clone your production databases in one click with our new PostgreSQL Clone feature. Simply log into your control panel and click the “PostgreSQL Clone” icon.

Select the database you wish to clone and an exact copy will be created!

Database clones (or “forks”) are ideal for development, testing, version control, and other uses.

This feature is included free on all PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer, Drupal, and Django hosting packages.