acquired by MapFig, Inc acquired by MapFig, Inc.

We are pleased to announce that has been acquired by MapFig, Inc.

Firstly, we want to assure all clients that all packages and pricing will remain in place.

There will be no changes or alterations to your terms, services, conditions or fees.

The founders of MapFig, Inc are the original team that created AcuGIS in 2011 when it was launched by Enciva, LLC.

The acquisition will bring with it an array of tools and services for AcuGIS clients, as well as early access to new tools and services.

There will also be an increased emphasis on support, guides, articles and tutorials to assist clients in getting the most of their services.

In order to provide proper attention and focus to AcuGIS, MapFig, Inc will be open sourcing a number of it’s products to the GIS community.

Several new services, such as QGIS, DSpace, and VPS/VM services will also become available.

Finally, there will be an increased level of security we began to implement the previous week.

As a global provider, will continue to adhere to the US/EU Safe Harbor and all other existing commitments.

MapFig, Ltd (our United Kingdom office), will also participate in and adhere to all existing commitments.

We look forward to providing all AcuGIS clients with the best possible support, tools, and services possible.

Please note that billing statements will appear as MapFig, Inc. If you have an existing subscription under Enciva LLC, you can continue the existing subscription if you wish to.

Please keep an eye on our announcements in the support Portal as well as on Twitter at in the coming days for new tools and services!

We look forward to providing you with the best possible hosting experience.

If you have any immediate questions, concerns, or comments, please email us at or simply create a support ticket.

MapFig, Inc
MapFig, Ltd

Leaflet Studio

We will be adding an updated shared leaflet studio for AcuGIS clients.

The current studios at and will continue to run for those that are using them.

The current commercial version, which you can view (and use) at, includes a number of feature enhancements, updated marker set, and new UI.

This same version will be made available to all AcuGIS clients at later in the week.



Infrastructure and Support

Renewing our Commitment

Over the past few months you may have noticed some recurring interruptions to our services due to some core infrastructure issues which although have fallen outside of our control it is not the high standard of service that we aim to offer nor the high standards that we expect from our infrastructure vendors.

Over the past 2 weeks we have made a significant investment in an entirely new infrastructure which not only brings with it a vast increase in resiliency but also in performance with execution of processes now on average 5 times faster than they were before the migration.

This infrastructure upgrade will also resolve all of the issues that have been seen in particular over the past 6 weeks that have led to services being interrupted.

As of Saturday 24th October at 5PM GMT this upgrade is now completed.

AcuGIS has also grown to be one of the most recognisable brands for GIS based services over the past few years and with that there have been growing demands on day to day support which has been difficult to keep up with at times. With our infrastructure addressed we now also thought it was the best time to address our support services and also bring them up to the high standards that we expect of ourselves.

With that being said we are pleased to announce that as of Wednesday 28th of October we will be bringing in several new support representatives to the team to improve our customer service experience.

As the last piece in the re-design of our entire infrastructure and support systems we will be deploying a new set of monitoring agents to all of our servers to not only detect current problems but to proactively detect and fix potential issues before they become active problems.

We would like to take this chance to apologise for the issues in recent months but to also make clear our commitment to you as a valued customer to restore our services in all aspects to the high standards that the company was founded on and that we expect of ourselves.

If you have any questions regarding these changes please raise a support ticket via our customer portal and we will be happy to answer them.

Kind Regards,

David Ghedini

Chief Technology Officer