Carta: New Leaflet Plugin for Omeka

Carta – Leaflet Map Plugin

We are very pleased to announce the release of “Carta”, our new Leaflet plugin for Omeka.

In addition to allowing you to add custom maps to your items, collections, and exhibits, Carta also allows you to import fields from your Items, Exhibits, and Collections.

You can import multiple fields as well as style them as well.

Additionally, the new plugin creates 4 map groups featuring the most popular map providers.

It also allows you to add any map provider as well.

Markers, Lines, Squares, and Polygons are all supported.

The plugin is free and can be downloaded at

The plugin will be released to the Omeka community as well in the coming days.

If you have any issues or questions please create a support ticket.


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Nouvel emplacement d’h√©bergement: France!

Nouvel emplacement d’h√©bergement: France!

Est-ce que vous cherchez PostGIS et GeoServer hébergement en France?

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que, en plus des √Čtats-Unis, Royaume-Uni, et en Allemagne, nous offrons maintenant nos services en France.

Les plans et les prix sont identiques à tous les autres emplacements: PostGIS / GeoServer

Lieu d’h√©bergement peut √™tre s√©lectionn√© lors du processus de commande.

Omeka 2.4 Installers for Debian and CentOS

Omeka 2.4 Installers for Debian and CentOS

In order to quickly test and diagnose issues with plugins and other conflicts, we developed a number of installers along the way.

We have added some basic security measure to these installers and they are now available via GitHub.

The script installers are only for use on a clean CentOS 6 or 7 or Debian 8 installation.

The Debian installer also works for Ubuntu14.


Omeka 2.4

Omeka 2.4

Omeka 2.4 is now available on all AcuGIS hosting plans.

While you can upgrade using our auto-upgrade via your control panel, be sure to select option to take a full back up prior to upgrade.

Please also note that not all plugins may be compatible with 2.4, so you if you encounter issues, de-activate plugins and then re-activate to see which plugin(s) are causing issue(s).

If a 2.4 compatible version of a vital plugin is not available, you may decide you wish to roll back to 2.3.

If you need assistance, please create a support ticket and we are here to assist.