Leaflet Studios

We will (finally) be making our Leaflet Studios available today.

The AcuGIS Leaflet Studio will be available to all AcuGIS clients (along with plugins).

The Omeka Leaflet Studio will be free for AcuGIS clients as well as for academic use.

Enrolment for the Omeka Leaflet Studio requires only a .edu email address.

We will post links and documentation a bit later today.

We hope these tools will help save you some development time as well as make a useful addition to your websites and applications.




We have added a new tool, CSV2PGSQL to the GIS Tools section of our control panel.

The UI uses GDAL to upload your CSV directly into your PostGIS database(s).

The CSV2PGSQL tool will be rolled out to all servers over the weekend.

Current options are:

PG_USE_COPY: Check to set to “YES” for using COPY for inserting data to PostGIS DB.

GEOM_TYPE:¬†The GEOM_TYPE layer creation option can be set to one of “geometry”, “geography”

We will be adding additional options based on feedback.

raster2pgsql GUI

We have added our new raster2pgsql GUI to our control panel.

The new tool is located in the GIS Tools section of your control panel (see below).

For GeoServer hosting you will find it simpler to load via GeoServer, but for PostGIS Hosting it should come in handy.

You can still invoice raster2pgsql via shell as well.

The tool is currently on our PostgreSQL 9.4 servers but will be added to all servers during the coming week.

Please report any bugs or issues.