Another Look at Cartaro

Another Look at Cartaro

We have worked recently to optimize our cloud servers to deliver Cartaro more effectively.

The results have been quite positive, so much so that we are now able to offer higher resources while maintaining existing pricing.

If you tried our Cartaro hosting in the past and would like to have another look, email us at for a special coupon code for returning Cartaro customers.

DSpace at AcuGIS

DSpace at AcuGIS

When we began to offer DSpace at, we did so with the same mission we made for ourselves with our GeoServer hosting;   make the technology accessible and affordable to individuals as well as organizations of all sizes.

We are very pleased to relate that response to our hosted DSpace plans has exceeded expectations and customer satisfaction has been excellent.

The overwhelming favourite for theme selection has been the responsive Mirage2 theme.

This theme requires some extra components, but the fast, responsive and easily customized theme has made Mirage2 more popular than XMLUI/Mirage and JSPUI combined.

In the weeks ahead, we will introduce new tools for DSpace to make updating and managing your instance even simpler and more powerful.

DSpace 6.x should soon be available for production (although no date has been given).

We look forward to making hosted DSpace as simple and feature-rich as possible.





Carta: New Leaflet Plugin for Omeka

Carta – Leaflet Map Plugin

We are very pleased to announce the release of “Carta”, our new Leaflet plugin for Omeka.

In addition to allowing you to add custom maps to your items, collections, and exhibits, Carta also allows you to import fields from your Items, Exhibits, and Collections.

You can import multiple fields as well as style them as well.

Additionally, the new plugin creates 4 map groups featuring the most popular map providers.

It also allows you to add any map provider as well.

Markers, Lines, Squares, and Polygons are all supported.

The plugin is free and can be downloaded at

The plugin will be released to the Omeka community as well in the coming days.

If you have any issues or questions please create a support ticket.


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We are pleased to announce that we have now added Singaport to our list of hosting locations.

AcuGIS now offers all of the following locations:

  1. United States (New York City)
  2. United Kingdon (Maidstone)
  3. Deutschland (Frankfurt)
  4. France (Strasbourg and Roubaix)
  5. Singapore