We’re please to announce the we are moving our Digital Archiving hosting to it’s own property, will provide DSpace, VIVO, and OpenJournal hosting.

While we can provide services of virtually any scale, we will initial continue our focus on individual scholars and smaller organizations and institutions.


GeoNode Hosting at AcuGIS

GeoNode Hosting

We’re please to announce that AcuGIS is now offering GeoNode hosting

Our new GeoNode hosting packages include the full GeoNode 2.4 application stack, along with PostgreSQL 9.5 and PostGIS 2.2.1.

The hosting platform Ubuntu 14, with CentOS coming soon.

To help kick things off, we have put together special introductory pricing.

The introductory pricing is quite low as our hosting follows GeoNode’s own recommended minimum of GB of RAM per instance.

Learn more about our GeoNode Hosting Packages

Learn more about GeoNode




Omeka 2.4 Installers for Debian and CentOS

Omeka 2.4 Installers for Debian and CentOS

In order to quickly test and diagnose issues with plugins and other conflicts, we developed a number of installers along the way.

We have added some basic security measure to these installers and they are now available via GitHub.

The script installers are only for use on a clean CentOS 6 or 7 or Debian 8 installation.

The Debian installer also works for Ubuntu14.