Omeka Leaflet Studio

Omeka Leaflet Studio

Our Omeka Leaflet Studio is a map creation, editing, and management application using Leafletjs.

The Studio contains a number of features not included in the stand-alone plugin, such as Sliding InfoBoxes, Legend, Image Overlays, Marker Clustering, SVG, and other features.

It also allows you to add users, create Projects, and collaborate on maps.

Using our Omeka Studio Plugin, you can import and display the maps you have create into your Omeka installation.

You can see some examples here.

In addition to importing maps into your Omeka Installation, you can also download maps directly from the Studio as HTML files, json files, Bootstrap Application, or iframe code for use on non-Omeka projects.

The Omeka Studio Plugin imports maps via a single, SSL API call.

Since you will likely want to update, as well as add and delete maps from your installation, you can do so via the plugin using the Import, Refresh, and Delete buttons.  Deleting a map from your Omeka installation does not delete it from the studio.

You will find detailed documentation below.

Getting Started


Login to Studio


Manage Profile

Map Creation

Create a Map (Quick Start)

Setting Map Options

Selecting Base Layers

Adding New Layers

Base Layer Groups

Creating New Base Layer Groups

Marker Options

Polygon Options

Line Options

Importing KML, GeoJSON, and GPX

InfoSlider, IntroBox, and Legend




Image Overlays

Adding an Image Overlay


Overlay Resources

Playback, D3, and SVG

Create Playback Map

Create D3 Map

SVG Maps

Table-Based Maps

Uploading CSV

CSV Options

Updating CSV

Managing Users

Create New User

Edit Users

Delete Users

Projects and Collaboration

Create a Project

Assign Maps to Project

Invite Users to Projects

Social Share Maps

Sharing Maps on Social Media

Sharing Maps via Email

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