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  • PostgreSQL: Which PostgreSQL versions are supported?
    Answer:   By default, we offer the latest production release of PostgreSQL, which is currently 11.x We do also offer 8.4.x, 9.6.x, and 10.x if you require these ...
  • PostgreSQL: Is my PostgreSQL data backed up?
    Answer: Yes, we take automated backups each of your PostgreSQL databases. Backups are daily, weekly, and monthly with retention of 7 days, 5 weeks, and 3 months. Each database ...
  • PostgreSQL: Do I have PhpPgAdmin access?
    Answer: Yes, on all of our cPanel PostgreSQL 8 and PostgresQL 9 hosting plans you have access to PhpPgAdmin ...
  • PostgreSQL: Can I configure remote PostgreSQL access?
    Answer: Yes, remote access can be configured via support ticket at no additional charge. ...
  • PostgreSQL: Does my PostGIS hosting include PgRouting?
    Answer: Yes! All PostgreSQL and PostGIS hosting plans allow you to install pg_routing, as well Driving Distance and Traveling Salesperson functions, in one-click via the control ...

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