Field Data Enterprise

QGIS, Mobile, and GeoServer

Fully syncronized QGIS, Mobile, PostGIS, and GeoServer or GeoNode





A Complete Field Data Solution

Field Data Enterprise brings together the Open Source components you need to create a complete Field Data Solution: Mergin Maps, PostGIS, and GeoServer or GeoNode, with 24x7 Support.

Mergin Maps

Dedicated Mergin Maps server, fully configured.


Synchronized PostGIS databases.



Automatically syncronized with Mobile and QGIS.




How does it work?


Your QGIS and Mobile data are automatically synchronized to PostGIS. Your PostGIS databases act as Stores for your GeoServer or GeoNode instance. All changes and updates to Mobile are automatically sychronized to GeoNode. Support multiple clients and end users.


Maps, Dashboards, and Documents

GeoNode makes it simple to create Maps, Data Sets, Dashboard, and Documents for both clients and internal use.

Support Multiple Clients

GeoNode allows you to easily support multiple clients with simple role and group based authorization. Create Maps, Data Sets, Dashboard, and Documents visible only to those clients.

Interactive Dashboards

Easily create interactive Dashboards for your clients and for your Team with GeoNode drag-and-drop Dashboard builder.


Synchronized Data and Images

Your data and images are automatically syncronized via PostGIS to GeoServer or GeoNode. No need for manual updates.

Simple, Intuitive

Just add your Projects and select frequency for updates. Your data and media are now automatically synchronized to PosGIS, so your data is always up to date.

Maps and Data Tables

While your GeoServer or GeoNode instance, as well as PostGIS, provide poweful tools for visualizing and exporting data, we also include quick reference maps and data tables so you can easily view and export your field data as well as share with Team members and clients.

Everything You Need

Field Data Enterprise is a complete solution.

QGIS and Mobile

Mergin Maps is available at no cost for iPhone and Android.


All change and updates via Mobile and QGIS are automatically syncronized to PostGIS.

GeoNode or GeoServer

Lastest GeoServer or GeoNode on dedicated VM.

Maps, Documents, and Dashboards

Provide your clients and team with Maps, Dashboards, and Documents.

24x7 Support

All plans include 24x7x365 ticket support.

Scale on Demand

You can scale any resource at any time to meet your current needs.


Clear, Simple Pricing. Change Plans at any time. Cancel at any time.

Field Data 1

$195 / month

  • 4 GB RAM, 75 GB NvME per Node
  • Node 1: GeoServer or GeoNode
  • Node 2: Mergin Maps Server
  • Node 3: Database Sync Server
  • Scale Any Node On Demand

Field Data 3

$575 / month

  • 16 GB RAM, 325 GB NvME per Node
  • Node 1: GeoServer or GeoNode
  • Node 2: Mergin Maps Server
  • Node 3: Database Sync Server
  • Scale Any Node On Demand



Need more specifications? Download the Data Sheet

Have a Mergin Maps Team account?

If you have a Mergin Maps Team account you wish to use, above pricing is discounted by $65/m for all plans

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. The only difference between packages is the amount of hardware resources (RAM, CPU, SSD, etc...)

Yes. The services can be scaled at any time. We also offer High Availability options for GeoServer and GeoNode.

We offer a choice of 11 worldwide hosting locations: San Francisco, Toronto, New York, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo.

Annual billing provides one month free.

We offer the latest, stable version of all components.