Quick Start


The Quick Start scripts simply install Webmin and create the GeoHelm module.

This does save a few minutes, but even standard installation only takes about 10 minutes.

  1. Connect to a fresh VM or server via SSH.
  2. Grab the Quick Start script for your operating system using WGET:


For CentOS 7:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AcuGIS/GeoHelm/master/scripts/geohelm-centos.sh


For Debian 8 and 9 or Ubuntu 14 or 16


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AcuGIS/GeoHelm/master/scripts/geohelm-debian.sh


For Fedora 24 or 25:


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AcuGIS/GeoHelm/master/scripts/geohelm-fedora.sh


For Scientific Linux 7:


wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AcuGIS/GeoHelm/master/scripts/geohelm-scientific-linux.sh


Make the script executable:


chmod +x geohelm-centos.sh


Execute the script:




When the script completes it will have installed Webmin as well as creating the GeoHelm module.

You will find the module at /opt/geohelm.wbm.gz

important>Before installing the module, we need to install Apache Web Server via Webmin.<important

  1. Log into Webmin
  2. On the left menu, go to Unused Modules > Apache Web Server as show below:



Next, click on the "Install Now" button as shown below:



Once Apache HTTP Server installs, go to:

  1. Webmin > Webmin Configuration
  2. Click on the Webmin Modules icon as shown below


This will open the Webmin Modules page.

On the Webmin Modules page, enter the path to geohelm.wbm.gz (this will be /opt/geohelm.wbm.gz) as shown below.

Click the green "Install Module" button.



It should produce a screen like below:




Click F5 to refresh Webmin.


You should now see GeoHelm under the Servers menu as shown below:




Click on GeoHelm as shown above to complete the installation.

Or, if you prefer visuals, we made a video you can watch here:

Or, just use the Short Version below:


  1. A green "Install Apache Tomcat" button will appear on the GeoHelm page
  2. Click the "Install Apache Tomcat" button. .
  3. The latest Apache Tomcat will be installed.
  4. The screen will then look like below.
  5. Click on each item "Warning" item as shown below to install the remaining packages.
  6. Click "Dimiss" for any optional items that you do not want* (highlighted with red arrows below).



Note: The following components are optional:

If you don't want or need any of these, just click the "Dismiss" button next to them.

GeoServer is installed by clicking on the GeoServer button and the clicking "Install Now" button (just as you did with Apache Web Server above).

If you don't want or need GeoServer, simply do not install it.

If you accidentally installed GeoServer or GeoExplorer, you can easily remove them via GeoHelm > WARS




GeoHelm by AcuGIS


GeoHelm is produced by AcuGIS. We make GIS Simple.