AcuGIS Leaflet Plugin Features

Main features:

  • Markers, Lines, and Polygons
  • Works with any map provider (OpenStreetMap, Google, MapBox, BING, etc..)
  • On-Map creation and editing (See exactly how your map will look as you create it, no need to refresh or reload page)
  • Integrated Address/Location auto-complete to place your markers
  • Add as many markers and shapes to maps as you wish to
  • Unimited maps
  • Select options (base map, zoom, etc..) for each map you create, so each map is just how you want it.
  • Add Maps to Posts and Pages via button
  • 100+ Font Awesome Marker icons
  • Create Custom Map Provider Groupings
  • Standard or Modal InfoBox see [screenshots] (https://wordpress.org/plugins/mapfig-premium-leaflet-map-maker/screenshots/)
  • TinyMce Editor to add formatted text, images, and links to InfoBoxes see [screenshots] (https://wordpress.org/plugins/mapfig-premium-leaflet-map-maker/screenshots/)
  • Auto Centering
  • Map Sidebar
  • Map Search
  • Map Measure
  • Map Full Screen
  • MiniMap
  • Map Export (HTML, GeoJSON, and iframe)
  • GeoLocation (Where am I?)
  • Google Directions Links
  • Integrated Widget
  • Download as HTML from within WP
  • Download as JSON from within WP
  • Download as BootStrap application from within WP
  • Social Share – share maps on all Social Media as well as via email. Maps do not need to be published to be shared. We have created and included icons for social media but you can replace with your own.