PostgreSQL Frequently Asked Questions

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Do the Neatline hosting packages contain everything I need?

Yes. All of our Neatline hosting plans include everything you need: web, email, Omeka, GeoServer, Tomcat, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, control panel, etc... The package contains everything you need to build and deploy your Neatline applications..

Do I need to install GeoServer?

Only if you want to! When you place an order for Neatline hosting your account is set up with GeoServer installed and ready to go. If you wish to re-install or deploy a new or existing GeoServer WAR you can do so in few mouse clicks.

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting means that your entire site (files, databases, email, etc..) is distributed across multiple servers. This not only provides increased protection for your data, it also allows us to provide High Availability and Failover. In the event of a hardware issue on one server, there is always another server to step in and keep your site available. Finally, Cloud Hosting means easy scaling. You can add any resource such as CPU, RAM, and disk easily and without downtime.

Can I add Drupal, Wordpress, etc.. to my PostgreSQL hosting?

Yes. All of our Neatline hosting includes cPanel and web space. You can install 100s of the popular applications in one-click or install manually if you prefer. You can also use your web space for your own HTML, PHP pages or anything you wish to. By default, GeoServer is mapped to, so you can use your domain for your web site, CMS, etc... There is no additional charge.

What is the difference between a scheduled PostgreSQL Backup, a PostgreSQL 'Snapshot', and a PostgreSQL 'Clone'?

We place the highest priority on securing your database. Scheduled Backups are automated daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your PostgreSQL databases which you can download or restore via your control panel. 'Snapshots' are one-click backups that you can take at any time via your control panel are stored on our remote servers. As with Scheduled Backups, you can download or restore Snapshots at any time in one click via your control panel. Scheduled Backups and Snapshots do NOT count against your disk space. PostgreSQL 'Clones' (or 'Forks') are copies you can create in one click of your production databases. These PostgreSQL 'Forks' can then be used for testing, version control, development, etc..

What level of support can I expect ?

Support is provided 24x7x365. We will always do our best to assist you with any facet of your hosting.

How many domains can I host ?

You can host unlimited domains on all of our Neatline hosting packages.

Where are your servers located?

We offer a choice of United States, United Kingdom, or Germany on all hosting plans. Our company headquarters are located in the United States. Our support teams are located in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Do I need to know how to use Tomcat ?

No. While you do have full access to your Tomcat server, the only time you will likely interact with Tomcat is to restart it (which you can do via our control panel). After adding certain GeoServer extensions, Tomcat needs to be restarted. Same for adding GeoExplorer or other applications. We can perform these operations for you via support ticket if you prefer.

Do I have access to the Omeka Admin GUI?

Yes, can access the Omeka Admin GUI from any browser.

Is PostGIS and pg_routing included?

Yes. Both PostGIS and PgRouting are included in all of our hosting plans.

Is SSH access included?

Yes. SSH is included on all of our PostgreSQL hosting plans.

Can I 'rollback' my web server?

Yes. All cloud hosting also includes backups at 30 minute intervals. You can restore a single file or restore your entire service to any point via our control panel.

Are my site and databases backed up?

Yes. web files are backed up at 30 minute intervals and you can restore individual files or your entire directory via our GUI. PostgreSQL is backed up 2x daily and the backups are available via the control panel. Additional PostgreSQL backups can be scheduled as well. You can also take one-click PostgreSQL backups via your control panel at any time. MySQL is backed up at 30 minute intervals and can also be restored by via the control panel.

Do you offer support in Spanish? German ? French? ...

We support clients in over 40 countries worldwide. While phone support is only offered in English, you can create support tickets or reach us on LiveChat in virtually any language and we will translate to/from in repsonses. About 20% of our clients create support tickets in languages other than English with German and Spanish being the most common.

Which forms of payment do you accept ?

We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. We do also offer Bank Transfer on orders over $100

Is there any commitment ?

If you opt for monthly billing there is no commitment and you can cancel at any time. If you opt for annual billing (which provides two months free), you are agreeing to a one year commitment. If you are uncertain about the service, you can start with monthly billing and then "buy down" to annual billing. Your monhtly payment would be applied to the annual invoice.

How do I cancel?

Log into our portal and click the "Cancel" button. It will give you the option of immediate cancellation or auto-terminate at end of billing cycle.

What is the 14 day money back guaruntee?

At any time within the first 14 days of service you can cancel your account and your payment will be refunded. It is important to note that domain names are non-refundable as you retain ownership of the domain even if you cancel the service.

Do you offer hourly or usage-based billing ?

No. In order to provide optimal performance, it is important for us to know the amount of resources allocated to each service.

Do you offer discounts for students and academic institutions?

Yes. We offer a 20% discount to academic and research institutions. This discount is on top of any discounts for annual billing. So, for annual billing you would receive 20% off in addition to receiving two months free. Just sign up with a .edu email address and enter Promotion Code EDU20. Additional discounts are also available. Please inquire.

Do I need a domain name for Neatline hosting?

Yes. GeoServer needs to be mapped to a domain or sub domain. You can use any existing domain you own, purchase a new domain (through us or through any domain registrar), or we can provide a free sub domain. You can also point a sub domain at our server (e.g.

I already own a domain, do I need to transfer it to AcuGIS?

No! While you are always welcome to transfer your domain to us, if you already own a domain elsewhere, you can just update your nameserves to point to our server. Unless you have an issue with your current registrar there is no functional benefit to transferring the domain to us.

I want to buy a new domain name, do I have to buy it through AcuGIS?

No! You can register a domain through us or through any domain registrar of your choice. Your domain does not need to purchased through us to make full use of our services. You can purchase a domain anywhere and simply update your nameservers to point to our server.

How do I register a domain name?

if you wish to purchase a domain through us, you can purchase the domain during checkout.

What are top-level domains (TLD) and country code top-level domains (ccTLD)?

TLDs are commonly known as 'generic' domains. These include .com, .net, .org, .info, etc... Country Code domains are specific to a country (e.g., .de, .eu, .us, .ca, etc... There are also the new 'Professional' TLDs such as .guru, .technology, .consulting, etc...

I have a domain hosted elsewhere and just want to point a sub domain at GeoServer. How do I do this?

In your welcome email you will recieve the IP address for your server. Simply point the desired sub domain at the IP provided. Note: during checkout, for domain selection, select the fourth option as shown in the FAQ below. Once your account is provisioned and you are ready to point your sub domain we will update the sub domain accordingly.

I'm still in development, I haven't decided on a domain, I will be using my own sub domain, I don't want to buy a domain, etc... which option should I select on the order form?

Select the fourth below "Use a subdomain from AcuGIS" as shown below. Select the sub domain for the country you selected hosting for (US, UK, or Germany). If you decide to use your domain or are ready to point your own sub domain at our server, we will update the domain.

Sub domain

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