Apache Tomcat Module for Webmin

Install and Manage Apache Tomcat with Webmin.


Webmin > Configuration > Webmin Modules

The module can be installed via our CDN url at
or via GitHUB:
$ git clone https://github.com/AcuGIS/Tomcat-Webmin-Module
$ mv Tomcat-Webmin-Module tomcat
$ tar -cvzf tomcat.wbm.gz /tomcat
In either case, go to Webmin > Configuration > Webmin Modules and select the install method.

Install Apache Tomcat

Run The Installer...or not

You should now see Apache Tomcat listed under Servers (you may need to refresh the page). For a new installation, the screen will appear as at left. Click the install button to download and install your distributions Tomcat and Java versions. For an existing Tomcat installation, click on the config button at top left corner and edit the file to use the paths of your installation. In both cases, you should see the Tomcat Module main page below.

WAR Manager

Deploy and Un-Deploy WAR Files

The WAR file manager allows you to deploy WAR files as well as un-deploy and remove files.

Once you have deployed your WAR file, return to the main screen and click the Stop Server button and then Start Server button.

Configuration Editor

Edit Config Files

Click on the Edit Config icon to edit the main tomcat configuration files. A sentenv.sh file is also included under the editor. Once you have completed your edits, click Save and Close. For most edits, you will need to click the Stop Server and then Start Server buttons for the changes to take effect.

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