AcuGIS Open GeoSuite provides a complete Open Source GIS stack


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Clients and Sectors

AcuGIS provides GIS Hosting Services to customers in over 80 countries worlwide.


International governmental institutions. Email


Local, State, and Federal Governments. Email


iscounts for Academic institutions. Email


Non-Governmental Organizations. Email


Public and Private Research institutions. Email


Developer-friendly tools and great features

GeoServer Hosting FAQs

Common questions about our GeoServer Hosting plans. Didn't find your questions below? Ask us!

Do the GeoServer hosting packages contain everything I need?

Yes. All of our GeoServer hosting plans include everything you need: web, email, GeoServer, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, etc... The package contains everything you need to put your PostGIS applications online.

Can I add Drupal, Wordpress, etc.. to my GeoServer hosting?

Yes. All of our GeoServer hosting includes cPanel and web space. You can install 100s of the popular applications in one-click or install manually if you prefer. You can also use your web space for your own HTML, PHP pages or anything you wish to.

What level of support can I expect ?

Support is provided 24x7x365. We will always do our best to assist you with any facet of your hosting.

What level of support can I expect ?

Support is provided 24x7x365. We will always do our best to assist you with any facet of your hosting.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package ?

Yes, you can upgrade/downgrade your package at any time. You can also scale your package both horizontally and vertically with out GeoServer Suite and GeoServer Cluster options.

Where are your servers located?

We offer a choice of United States (New York City), United Kingdom (London), and Germany (Frankfurt), on all hosting plans. Our company headquarters are located in the United States (Wilmington, Delaware). Our support teams are located in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Do you have annual discounts?

Yes, we offer one month free for semi-annual billing and two months free for annual billing.

Which version of GeoServer is available?

By default, the latest stable version is installed. If you prefer an earlier version or Beta version, simply state so on the order form in the "Order Notes" section.