About AcuGIS

Who we are and what we do.

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Making GIS Easy

Focus on your GIS apps, not administration.

All of our cloud hosting plans combine the convenience of cPanel - a feature-rich commercial control panel - with our exclusive one-click GIS installers for PostGIS, GeoServer, PgRouting, FDWs, Neatline, Extensions, and much more. When we say 'exclusive', we don't mean we have re-branded third-party software, we mean we built it and it is available only at AcuGIS. In addition to our GIS tools and installers, we have created shp2pgsql and raster2pgsql UIs for your control panel to make loading your shapefiles fast and easy. All hosting plans also included full access to our AcuGIS Leaflet Studio, allowing you to create leaflet maps quickly and easily. We have also developed our very own plugins for Omeka and WordPress, to make adding maps to your Omeka and WordPress installations maps into your CMS a breeze.

Making GIS Secure

Security at every level

Our distributed cloud infrastructure provides you with High Availability and Failover. All cloud hosting plans also include incremental backups every 30 minutes. You can access your backups via your control panel as well as restore backups in one click. You can also take on-demand backups in one click using our exclusive Snapshot tools. Our data centres are SSAE16, SOC, PCI, and HIPAA-Compliant and ISO 27001 Certified. Twin-factor authentication for our client portal.

Secure Hosting

Making GIS Affordable

Because we can.

You don't need a provider who forces the expense and complexities of a VPS to enjoy PostGIS, GeoServer, PgRouting, or Neatline*. You just need a host like AcuGIS that has invested in creating the tools to make GIS simple, secure, and affordable. Don't take our word for it. Compare for yourself what other GIS hosting providers are offering. At AcuGIS, we have invested in making sure that we offer the best best possible features at the best possible price. We also offer discounts ranging from 20% to 100% for educational and research institutions.

*Of course, if you do want dedicated hosting, we have you covered with our high-performance, enterprise grade dedicated hosting.

Our Mission

Making your life easier

Our mission is to make your job easier. AcuGIS is a world-leader in making GIS accessible and easy to use. Our focus is on administration and providing you with the best possible hardware, software, network, and support so you can focus on your business with confidence. At AcuGIS, we understand that the success of your application relies on experienced, skilled administration. AcuGIS is owned and operated by Cited, Inc. serving clients in over 40 countries worldwide since 2006. Our support staff combine years of GIS, PostgreSQL, Tomcat, and Linux administration. To provide optimal performance and security, all of our services are offered on our secure, distributed Cloud with Enterprise Class servers with lightening-fast SSD disks, and dedicated 1Gbps network (public and private). At AcuGIS, we have invested in creating the tools you need to make your job easier. Providing you with the best combination of performance, reliability, and convenience. A combination we believe no other provider can deliver.

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