Sync QGIS, Mobile, and PostGIS

Synchronized QGIS, Mobile, and GeoServer

GeoSync uses the Mergin Maps API and requires either a Mergin Maps Team account or self-hosted Mergin Maps Server.
It is also available as an integrated component of AcuGIS Field Data Enterprise

1. Add QGIS Projects

Just add your QGIS Project and select the frequency to sync data and images.

2. Select PostGIS Type

A PostGIS database is automatically created.
Or, you can use your own databases.


Data is Synchronized to PostGIS
Images are Synchronized to s3 Storage

All updates via Mobile Users and QGIS are automatically Synchronized.
All images are saved to s3 Storage and available via custom CDN url.




Your Data is always current

Your PostGIS data is automatically synced whenever your Mobile or QGIS data is updated.
Using GeoServer or GeoNode? You can automatically create PostGIS Stores from your dashboard.


View, Analyze, and Share

Maps and Data Tables are generated for each project. Your dashboard allows you to easily view, query, and export data (CSV, Excel, and GIS Formats). Of course, with your data stored in PostgreSQL with PostGIS, you can create any data views you wish to.



Role Based Authorization

Add End Users to your Dashboard to easily share data you wish to share. You can also create Grouped Maps to view multiple Projects on a single map.


Unlimited Projects

Your dashboard allows you to add Team Members. Maps and Data Tables are generated for each project. You can also create Grouped Maps to view multiple Projects on a single map.

GeoSync Pricing

Your choice of GeoSync Data, GeoSync Media or GeoSync Data + Media. All hosting is provided on a dedicated VM with custom domain and SSL. Your choice of hosting 11 locations worldwide. Scale in any direction.

GeoSync Media
Media Sync
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GeoSync Data
Data Sync
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GeoSync Data + Media
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Scale As You Grow


Additional SSD Disk

$15/m per 100 GB


$9/m per GB

Looking for a comprehensive solution including GeoServer or GeoNode?

AcuGIS Field Data Enterprise provides a comprehensive solution.


Dedicated Mergin Maps Server

A full Mergin Maps Server installation on it's own VM, fully configured and ready for use.

Database Sync

Database Sync allows you to automatically sync GeoServer or GeoNode

Private Network

All traffic between VMs is via Private IP, for maximum security and performance.


GeoSync Hosting FAQs

Common questions about our GeoSync Hosting plans. Didn't find your questions below? Ask us!

Will GeoSync worked with self-hosted Mergin Maps servers?

Yes. GeoSync will work if you are self-hosting your Mergin Maps server as well as with Mergin Maps Team accounts.

What level of support can I expect ?

Support is provided 24x7x365. We will always do our best to assist you with any facet of your hosting.

Is my service backed up?

Yes. Weekly backups are included, with daily and hourly options. You can also perform and schedule self-service backups via your control panel.

Can I upgrade/downgrade my package ?

Yes, you can upgrade/downgrade your package at any time. .

Do you have annual discounts?

Yes, we offer one month free for semi-annual billing and two months free for annual billing.

Which version of DB-Sync and GeoDiff is available?

By default, the latest stable version is installed.

Where are your servers located?

We offer a choice of 11 hosting locations worldwide: New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Sydney, and Tokyo. Our company headquarters are located in the United States (Wilmington, Delaware). Our support teams are located in the United States and the United Kingdom.