Quartz Mobile

Extend your QGIS and Mobile Data in an Instant.

No Plugins required. Nothing to install.

Works with:

How does it work?

Quartz Mobile is modular - just pick the components you need.

  • 01 Select your Mobile Data Service

    Use an existing QField, Mergin Maps or Survey123 installation or service, or we can provide a dedicated QFieldCloud and Mergin Maps server.

  • Just add your QGIS Project to your GeoSync dashboard and your mobile data is automatically synchronized to PostGIS.

  • QuartzMap transforms your qgis2web output into secure, data-driven maps that are updated when your data is updated.


Instant Productivity

Use an existing QFieldCloud, Mergin Maps, or Survey123 service or we can add one for you.


Sync your QGIS Project


Just add your QGIS Project and start the service.

Your data is automatically synchronized to PostGIS. All new data from mobile is synchronized to PostGIS as well.


Your mobile data will now be synchronized to PostGIS.

Publish Your QGIS Project


Just use qgis2web as normal and QuartzMap will transform your map into a secure, data-driven map that updates whenever your data updates.


Your map will now be updated whenever your data is updated.



Extend your service with GeoServer, GeoNode, PostGIS or any other AcuGIS service.


As a world-leading provider of GIS hosting, you can have confidence in extending your services.


All Quartz Mobile packages work with QFieldCloud, Mergin Maps, and Survey123.
If you need a Mergin Maps or QFieldCloud server, additional pricing is below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Which Mobile Data platforms are supported?

    Field Data Express works with QFieldCloud, Mergin Maps, and ArcGIS Survey123. QFieldCloud and Mergin Maps can be either self-hosted or using qfieldcloud.com or merginmaps.com. We also offer optional dedicated QFieldCloud and Mergin Maps server hosting as an add-on.

  • Your maps can be accessed via your portal. The portal is setup using your domain or sub domain. Users you create have access to only those maps you specifiy. Maps can also be Public. You can also share maps via secure link with time and use specified duration.

  • Yes, your map portal is fully customizabale.

  • Yes. When you add your Project to your dashboards you have the options of using a local database or a remote database. Local databases are also accessible remotely as well.

  • Yes. You can change your plan at any time.