AcuGIS is committed to OpenSource.

AcuGIS and MapFig have created and maintained the OpenSource tools below among others.

mapfig Leaflet Map Server

Create, develop, manage, and deploy Leaflet maps anywhere.

mapfig is an Open Source leaflet map server. It allows you to create, manage, develop and leaflet maps to virtually any platform. Maps can be created “free hand” or via CSV table or via code (SDKs). Maps can be deployed as HTML, iframe, URL (public or password-protected), BootStrap, or via integrated API plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Omeka mapfig also has free SDKs for iOS, Android, Windows, nodejs, PHP, and python. Develop for mobile, we and desktop! mapfig requires only a LAPP stack (Linux, Apache, PHP, and PostgreSQL) and GDAL. mapfig can be run on a shared hosting account or VPS or scaled out to virtually any dimensions. Learn more...

Helping you get there.

Our OpenSource script for spinnng up your own OpenStreetMap tile server.

Load OSM Data - city, country, continent or planet OSM. PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and osm2pgsql. Mapnik, mod_tile, renderd, Apache HTTPD and all required components for running your own OpenStreetMap server. Select from OSM-carto or OSM-bright styles. Includes an OpenLayers3 and LeafletJS example page.

Or get it on GitHub:

Public Map Tiles

MapFig Bluewaters and Darkwaters

Our current map tiles were designed by Andy Allen and based on his Transport theme. You are welcome to use the tiles in your own maps and applications provided all attribution requirements are met. Commercial use is both allowed and encouraged. If you expect high volume, you should contact us prior to deployment.

MapFig Bluewaters



Required Attribution:

© MapFig Bluewaters by © Thunderforest, Data by OpenStreetMap

Apache Tomcat Module for Webmin

Install and Manage Apache Tomcat from Webmin.

Install and manage Apache Tomcat via Webmin on virtually any Linux distribution. Plugin can also be used to manage existing installations. Install via CDN (md5) or install using GIT:
$ git clone
$ mv Tomcat-Webmin-Module tomcat
$ tar -cvzf tomcat.wbm.gz /tomcat
Upload from Webmin->Webmin Configuration->Webmin Modules
Go to Servers->Apache Tomcat (you may need to refresh page)

Get it on GitHub

Carta Omkea Plugin

Leaflet Maps with Meta Data

Carta is a plugin for Omeka. The Carta plugin allows you to add Leaflet maps via shortcode to your pages, exhibits, items, and collections. It allows you to populate map infoBox and title fields with data from your items, exhibits, and collections. The plugin is tile-agnostic, allowing you to use any tile provider. A group of 6 tile types and a demo map are created on installation. The plugin supports markers, lines, and polygons and includes a WYSIWYG editor for displaying formatted text, images, and links to InfoBoxes. Maps can be added to directly to pages, as Items in collections, and Exhibit pages.

Get it on GitHub

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