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Service Level Agreement (SLA)

99.99% Uptime SLA

AcuGIS provides a guarantee that, should the availability of our network be less than 99.99% for any given month, AcuGIS will credit 5.0% of your monthly hosting fees for each 45 minute interval the service is unavailable up to 100% of your monthly hosting fees.

Terms and Conditions of Service Level Agreement

1. Should network services be unavailable, you must submit a support ticket to our billing department and provide the required details of the incident.

2. A valid SLA claim will result in the approproiate amount of credit, as calculated above, being issued towards your upcoming invoice.

3. "Uptime" (or Availability) is defined as the network services being up and available and does not extend to any specific software or services unless stated othewise.

4. The above "Uptime" is inclusive of any scheduled maintenance (i.e. scheduled maintenance does not count as "downtime")

5. The above SLA applies to shared hosting only. Dedicated or Custom hosting Service Level Agreements are determined prior to purchase and a copy of this agreement will be presented to the client.

Last updated 7/17/2018