Turn your qgis2web maps into secure, data-driven maps.

No extra plugins required.





QGIS Map Publishing in Seconds

If you have qgis2web installed, you're ready to start publishing.

1. FTP As Normal

Just open your QGIS Project and start qgis2web.

FTP as normal using your FTP username and password.

2. Select Options

  • All maps you FTP are available to publish
  • Maps can be Public or Private
  • Map-level permissions for End Users

3. Connect: PostGIS and GeoServer

  • Connect your map to PostGIS or GeoServer
  • Or, create a new PostGIS database from your QGIS project
  • Your map is now updated when your data is updated


Your Map is Available!

QuartzMap processes your map to make it secure.

Your map updates whenever your data updates.

Permissions are map-level, so you have control over who sees what.


Transform your qgis2web maps into secure, dynamic maps. No extra plugins to install.

No plugins to install

If you have qgis2web installed, you're ready to go.


Your maps and data are only accessible to authorized users.

Dynamic Maps

Connect to your original data source, or create a new database.

Multi User Portal

QuartzMap includes a multi user portal so you can assign map-level permissions

PostGIS and GeoServer

Supports dynamic connections to PostGIS and GeoServer.

Layer Cache

Cache layer data on per layer level.

QGIS Print Layouts

QGIS Print Layouts, as well as simple PDF


Publish WMS, WFS, and WMTS services

Additional Features

Opacity Controls, InfoBox, Data Tables, Browser Print, Custom CSS, more...




Open Source

QuartzMap is free, Open Source software. You can host it on your own server.

We also offer Professional Hosting.


From $19/month

Resources and FAQs

Below are some FAQs. If you have additional questions, drop us a line.

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