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The Y/SLD Quick Start tools below can be used to provide a simple way to get your SLD/YSLD styles started visually. Draw shapes on the canvas and then select fill and line colors, stroke, etc... Once you have closed an edit window, you can continue to edit the shape using the settings button located at the top left of the map canvas (example: ). Once completed, download the SLD or YSLD style sheet and add it to GeoServer. Note: this tool is intended only as a quick start/visual aid. It does not contain the full functions available via SLD and YSLD.

SLD/YSLD Style Generator


How to Use:

  1. Draw a Marker, Polygon or Line.
  2. Style with desired properties.
  3. Download the style either in SLD or YSLD format.
  4. Log in into Geoserver (or other platform).
  5. Go to: Style-> Add New Style and paste downloaded style and click on Save.
  6. Select your newly created style for Layer.