Attribution Requirements

Tile Providers

AcuGIS offers a number of services and plugins that are tile-agnostic, allowing the user to use any tile provider they wish to. In using any of the services, free or paid, the user is agreeing to provide all required attributions. Failure to do so could result in suspension or termination of services as well as exposing the user to legal actions on behalf of the tile providers.

If you are uncertain about attribution requirements, please view our documentation section or raise a support ticket.


While you are free to host your clients on our servers, at no time are clients permitted to represent themselves as agents, partners, or resellers of AcuGIS Ltd or Enciva LLC without prior written consent.


MapFig Studio attribution is dependent upon subscription level. Specific plans and services are offered without the MapFig or AcuGIS branding or links.


Last updated 4/12/2015


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