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By default, GeoServer is installed at /home/tomcat/apache-tomcat-<version>/webapps/geoserver

  • To make upgrading easier, we always change the GeoServer Data Directory for you during installation.
  • The GeoServer Extension Manager, allows you to install any GeoServer extension via your control panel.
  • This includes complex extensions such as GDAL.
  • Support for Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and all other extensions are supported.
  • An ESRI Shape File loader is also included in the control panel.
  • GeoWebCache is also integrated into GeoServer.


GeoServer in AcuGIS Suite Control Panel





To customize this:

1. LocatedIn line 25 of the index.cgi file. It will appear as below:

&ui_print_header(undef, $text{'index_title'}, "", "intro", 1, 1, 0,
&help_search_link("tomcat", "man", "doc", "google"), undef, undef,
"$version{'number'} / $version{'jvm'}");


2. Change 'undef' above to a link to your own hosting company, MyHosting:

&ui_print_header("By <a href=''>My Hosting</a>", $text{'index_title'}, "", "intro", 1, 1, 0,
&help_search_link("tomcat", "man", "doc", "google"), undef, undef,
"$version{'number'} / $version{'jvm'}");


The header will now look as below:

Change Mod Text


The above is simply one example.

You can add any number of links, styling, and any other modifications to suit your business needs and goals.


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